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We offer a wide range of services

Air Freight

Our air facilities are always available to deliver packages with great speed and efficiency

Ocean Freight

The company has vessels at it’s disposals to help transfer goods across continents anytime the need arises.

Road Freight

Our door-to-door service is superb for quick same day delivery and we actually deliver on time.


You don’t need to worry if your goods will ever get damaged while with us. We provide decent warehousing for all shipments until they are delivered.


Door to door delivery is our pride. We are happy when we move an item to our customer and with a smile on their face receiving their items.


Want to know where your item is at any given point in time? No problem. We have provided you with an easy way of tracking your items in real time.

Why you should consider using our services

Real Time Tracking

The company has built a very intuitive tool to help you track your consignments in realtime from any device that can acess the internet

Affordable Rates

All our pricing are considerate to our customers as we know humans are very sensitive to prices and it is also very competitive in the market place.

Do you have any question?

Feel free to contact us anytime.

Our global-reaching delivery services are different

We see to it personally that our customers get the best carrier for each order at a competitive price with the full support and tracking of our in-house customer services team.

We find you the best delivery option taking account of disruptions caused by the Coronavirus crisis.

We keep control of costs, such as fuel surcharges.

We monitor your deliveries and resolve any issues, keeping your customers happy.

As the delivery and distribution experts, we have access to an even broader range of carriage and courier options, allowing us to negotiate the best possible rates on your behalf.

We have always worked with a range of leading global courier services, which means you’re not tied to one carrier for all your deliveries and can choose the best option for each order.

If we can relieve our customers of their fulfilment and delivery workload, they can concentrate on making their business grow

Underpinning everything we do are three guiding principles: choice, simplicity and customer service. We won’t leave you hanging on the telephone, we won’t let deliveries go missing without trace and we won’t let you pay over the odds for the services you receive.

Some Insights

With our unique customer interface, you can choose the best delivery option for your consignment, print out your recepts and receive your invoice and report, all with one click.

Like all our services, we’ve designed this system to suit our customers. We keep things simple, smart and streamlines.

What peoples say about us


I was actually satisfied. I got all my items in record time and the tracking process was very efficient.


Their storage facilities are top notch… I got my parcel without a single scratch or dent to it. It was like they were handling it as though they were handling an egg.

Mr Joe

Their sshipping services are worth the prices and they just don’t deliver, they deliver on time and their staff are very polite.

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Our Services are world class, cheap and efficient and we pride our selves in integrity and confidentiality